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In addition to quality academics, SACA provides a vibrant campus experience. Our spirit of community is unrivaled and there is no shortage of exciting events for students to enjoy. As a top private school in southwest Atlanta, we are committed to offering opportunities for spiritual, academic and social development – ensuring that our graduates are well-rounded and prepared to impact their world.

Clubs & Activities

At SACA, our students’ education is about more than the classroom. We offer a multitude of student clubs and organizations designed to enhance students’ experiences and provide a comprehensive education during their time at SACA.

Some of the most popular and consistent clubs and organizations include:

SACA + MAC= iWisdom
Digital Learning at SACA
The First Lego League
Robotics at SACA
SACA Goes Green!
Recycling at SACA
Decreasing our Carbon Footprint
Natural Water Program
The Urban Garden
Nature Conservation
SACA Cares
Volunteering at SACA
APEX Museum
Habitat for Humanity
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Fellowship of Faith Church Int'l Feed the Hungry Project
Students to Afghanistan School Supply Drive
Environmental Awareness Days
SACA and Atlanta Christian College
SACA Partnerships
SACAʼs Career Education Week
The SACA Reading and Dyslexia Laboratory
The Warrior Chorale
The SACA Boys Choir
The SACA Girls Choir
The SACA Warrior Band

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Our athletic programs and the opportunity to train and compete offer important teachable moments in the lives of our student-athletes.


In all aspects of life, whether occupation or recreation, Christians must realize that they are to put Jesus Christ first in every situation. The student-athlete and coach are no exceptions to this rule; they should not place athletics before their relationship with God. The athlete and coach should find time to study God's word and pray as they strive to know Him and make Him known. The prayer is that our athletes become more like Christ because of the daily example of the coach, administration and teachers.

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