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A SACA education is distinctly and purposely Christian. A Biblical worldview is incorporated into all core and elective classrooms. At the same time, we offer a rigorous K-12 education that meets or exceeds the standards of five different national and regional accrediting organizations. Discover how we partner with the home and church to provide a Christ-centered, quality education and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. 

K3 - K

Our early childhood teachers partner with parents, who will always be the primary educators, to support and encourage their child.  We know that God has uniquely created every child, and each of them develops according to an individual timeline.


Each day children are engaged for a sustained period of time in: reading, writing, math workshops, and project work. Project Work is integrated work that focuses on helping students achieve science, social studies, and technology goals.

6th Grade

Students in sixth grade continue to develop their independence and it is a time filled with great changes as they enter adolescence. Students will be using more sophisticated thinking skills, interpreting and synthesizing the information they are learning.

7th Grade

Seventh grade is a critical year for students as they seek to define themselves socially and evaluate themselves academically. As early adolescents, seventh graders begin to make their faith their own, and discover their individual strengths and preferences.

8th Grade

The eighth grade teaching faculty cherishes the privilege of preparing their students for life beyond the walls of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy..

High School

Knowing that their faith and intellectual life will be tested in college, we endeavor to make our school’s mission a reality for our high schoolers…to inspire them for purposeful lives of learning, service, and godliness. 

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